Chloe Sevigny's anti-ageing secret is not good news for parents.

Acting, directing, designing, modelling — Chloe Sevigny‘s done it all.

Despite having worked for more than 20 years in the entertainment industry, the 41-year-old appears not to have aged a day. It’s a puzzle that leaves many perplexed. How is it possible? What’s her secret? Where can I buy it?

In a recent interview with W magazine, the American Horror Story star was honest about the lifestyle choice she reckons is responsible for her smooth complexion — and it’s not a daily green smoothie.

“I think it’s not having had a baby yet. Because I think the baby wear and tear and stress on your body is part of the reason why people say, ‘Why do you still look so young?'” she said.

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“I really think that that unfortunately ages women, especially when they have children in their 30s, not in their 20s. So I think, first and foremost, it’s that and genetics.”

Ouch. Sorry mums and dads.

Fortunately, Sevigny has some other tricks to try.

“I do lots of moisturising, lots of water. I don’t do a lot of caffeine. I go to Dr. Colbert, who is this fancy dermatologist. I haven’t really gone the Botox route yet, but he does lasers and very expensive facials and stuff like that,” she said. (Post continues after gallery.)


“But once I hit 40 I feel like things are starting to happen now that aren’t very exciting, and I’m starting to get a little scared.”

Unsurprisingly, not everyone agreed with Sevigny’s comment.

“Really? Ridiculous advice,” commented another user.

Controversial claim aside, taking care of your skin with moisturiser and water is a simple lifestyle choice anyone can get the benefits from if they’re so inclined — whether they have kids or not.

Do you think kids age you or keep you young?

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