Chloe Morello is "devastated" after her haircut disaster. We can all sympathise.

There are many things in life that terrify me.

Melbourne’s “mice plague” situation, bumping into an ex at the shops, and having a stranger stuff cannabis into my boogie board at the airport are all up there.

But my biggest fear?

Having a haircut go oh so very wrong… which explains why my hair has been the same (all one length on my shoulders, please) for the last 23 years.

So I’m sparing a thought for Sydney YouTuber and beauty icon, Chloe Morello, today – who has proven that bad haircuts can happen to even the most glamorous of us.

Morello, who has a colossal following of more than three million people, stumbled upon a nightmare while abroad in the UK.

A hair nightmare.

*Cue screams and the distant squawks of scary birds*

“I look disgusting. I asked for… not this, basically,” the 26-year-old said in her Snapchat story on Sunday. “[The hairdresser] f*cked me over.”

While Morello said she wanted a “curtain fringe”, what the hairdresser delivered was, well, not exactly what she ordered.

Images via Instagram

"Why is my fringe that far back on my head? I told him I like little pieces on the side... and this is what he gives me," she said. "My fringe is literally shorter at the back than at the front... what the f*ck? I don't know what to say about this."


At a loss with what to do next, Morello implored her fans and hair experts to give advice on how to rectify the situation.

Meanwhile, millions of women around the planet nodded with a sad brand of nostalgia. After all, we have ALL been there. And while hair might be a first world problem, good GOD there's nothing like a bad haircut to derail your day/week/next three months.

Image via Instagram

In case you've found yourself in the same hairy predicament as Morello, you'll be pleased to know some hairdressers were optimistic that THERE IS A SOLUTION. Halle-bloody-lujah.

"Get a couple tape in extensions (or keratin bomds) to hide it," one commenter named Carla wrote.

Other fans encouraged the beauty blogger to "braid her hair every night to sleep in" - something that apparently makes it grow longer.

Whether that's total bollocks or not, Morello says she's "devastated".

Chloe Morello, we totally get where you're coming from. Our thoughts are with you. We are sending good hair karma your way.

And despite what you might think, you'd look bloody beautiful even if you had a dishcloth on your head.