"I watched Olivia Newton-John and her daughter's new video clip and I probably won't sleep ever again."


It’s been 35 years since Olivia Newton-John starred in Xanadu, the romantic, fantastical, musical smash hit I have never managed to watch the whole way through.

Can you believe it? Timeless as ever.

And what better way to celebrate, than by putting a new spin on one of the biggest hits from the soundtrack “Magic”.

But it’s not 1980 anymore and Livvie isn’t as young as she used to be, so it seems appropriate that she has passed the baton to the next generation by allowing her daughter Chloe Lattanzi to jazz it up, or down… or forward in time a bit.

Look, it’s still very jazzie.

Just watch.


My brain, my eyes, HER EYES, will I ever sleep again?

Help me.

I feel like what I felt after I first watched that scene in the Matrix where Neo wakes up in that weird fluid pod and pulls all the metal cords out of his atrophied body.

It’s like if my mum came to the club with me, but the club was actually some sort of post-apocalyptic wasteland where humans had tried desperately to reconstruct their way of life but only had an outdated tourist guide to Vegas night life as a reference point.

Oh and my mum is Olivia Newton-John in this scenario.

The effect that this will all have on my already nervous sleeping habits aside, there is one positive I can see here.

These two obviously love each other heaps.

For those who don’t remember Chloe has had a pretty rough trot of things in recent years.

She has a history of alcohol and drug abuse, underpinned by mental health issues, including anxiety and depression.

And she has seemingly dealt with them with the unwavering support of her very loving and very famous mother.

So good on her.

And good on her mum.

Good on everyone, basically.

Excuse me if I stick to the Gilmore Girls though, I scare easily.

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