Call your therapist: A giant penis is chasing people.

Scary as f*ck.

You’re relaxing in a park in the sun and then all of a sudden, a GIANT PENIS comes out of nowhere and blows its load all over you.

chlamydia advertising
It’s kinda sparkly. image via screenshot of the advertising video.

A sexual health charity has decided that freaking people out with their worst Freudian nightmares is a good way to remind them to protect themselves against Sexually Transmitted Diseases. And given that glitter is the herpes of art supplies, having the Giant Penis dump its load on you in the form of glitter seems appropriate.

But the truth is, the way this campaign really works is this: If a penis creeps up and scares the shit out of you, you will NEVER HAVE SEX AGAIN.

In happier news, there is a 19-year-old guy who is being paid to play The Penis.

“I thought it was hilarious. If I can help others, just by being a dick, there is nothing better,” Philip van Eck told Norway’s Tønsberg Blad newspaper.

Here is your worst nightmares come to life:

Video via The Guardian

What do you think about the unique approach to STD awareness?