Chrissy Teigen's baby Luna was seen without a pair of socks. Cue internet meltdown.

Life for little Luna Simone Stephens is tough.

Since she was born last year, the celebrity bub has suffered all kinds of indignities.

There was the time her parents, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, went out for dinner without her while she was a newborn.

That other time her mum didn’t know how to hold her properly.

The 10-month-old missed out on the Beauty and the Beast premiere last week.

“Why don’t I get to go to the Beauty and the Beast premiere?”

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And — AND — she was recently spotted without a pair of socks on. Can you imagine??

Thankfully, the good people of social media have her back and absolutely no qualms about telling her model mum how inadequately covered she probably is.


Teigen is no stranger to the odd ‘wardrobe malfunction’ herself (post continues after snippet)…

As it turns out, the 31-year-old isn’t such a fan of the unsolicited advice she’s been inundated with since the birth of her first daughter in April, 2016.

She tweeted as much on Friday, along with some choice comments from her more “miserable” concerned fans.

“We’re fine, thanks,” she informed the Twitterverse, before following up with this little gem:

Just laugh it off, Chrissy. Laugh it off.


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