The humble decision China's richest man just made.


The co-founder and chairman of e-commerce giant Alibaba, also known as the richest man in China, Jack Ma, has announced he will be stepping down from the billion dollar company to pursue a career in teaching, reports the New York Times.

Ma was an English teacher in the 90s before he created the billion dollar company, which transformed payment methods within China completely.

China's richest man teacher
Ma was an English teacher in the 90's before he created the billion dollar company. Image via Getty.

Having always desired to return his passion of teaching, Ma created the Jack Ma Foundation in 2014, which aims to improve education in rural China.

The 53-year-old has not surprised his colleagues by returning to teaching, especially considering he is nicknamed Teacher Ma within the company.

According to Business Insider Australia, Jack Ma failed college entrance exams twice before finally getting in to Hangzhou Teacher’s Institute, a move that saw the man teach as an English teacher for around US $12 an hour.