How to answer all those fishy questions kids always ask.

Kids had fun finding Nemo and Dory, but what do you do when they start asking other fishy questions?

Before you scramble to Google the heck out of ‘fish’ or plan on time traveling back to your primary school science class, we’ve got the solution to those fishy kid questions that doesn’t involve a day-trip to the aquarium.

Enter your parental saviour, The Beanies, a brand new ten-episode podcast series hosted by Aussie children’s entertainers Laura, Michael and Mim.

The Beanies
Australia's newest kids podcast is now live!

The second episode is all about fish and features the original song "There's a Fish in my Tea" and answers the often asked question, "How do fish breathe?"

Which, lets face it, a lot of adults probably can't legitimately answer on their best day. Something to do with gills we expect? The Beanies and Professor Know-It-All take that question for team parents.


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*Music and lyrics written by The Beanies in collaboration with James Court.