His parents are two iconic Aussies but Sonny Blake doesn't speak with an Aussie accent.

Just when you think “Yep. Call it a day. Sonny Blake has reached maximum-level-cute” the chubby-cheeked two-year-old goes and proves you wrong gawddammit!

I mean, what’s the only thing that could make the offspring of Zoe Foster Blake and husband Hamish even cuter? A freakin’ BRITISH ACCENT OF COURSE.

I know. I KNOW. I’M HYPERVENTILATING. And I know it all sounds so ridiculous but I swear on my left ovary it’s true – Zoe said so herself on the Today Show this morning that Sonny’s “got a bit of a British accent now”. And why has this delightful change in speech come about, you ask? Because the little rascal watches a lil’ bit too much Peppa Pig.

(Can you hear that? That loud, rumbling noise? Yep, that. That’s the sound of my heart exploding.)

Check out some of the snaps from Zoe Foster Blake’s insta. (Post continues…)

His 36-year-old super mum was on the show to discuss her latest book (she’s only got, you know… six already) Amazinger Face, which she describes as a “top-to-toe beauty extravaganza”. To add extra zing to her already jaw-dropping CV, Zoe is also the CEO of her self-created skin care brand, Go-To Skincare.

Add Hamish’s TV and radio credentials into the mix and you’ve got one successful, apparently culturally diverse/cartoon friendly family. #pleaseadoptme #imnotkidding #pls

Has your child picked up an accent before?