Five children bashed to death in QLD, but government knew they were at risk.

Trigger warning: this article contains information about child abuse. 

A horrifying Seven News report has revealed that five children were bashed to death in Queensland.

Police are now further investigating the cases after it is believed that the state government’s Child Safety department already knew they were at risk.

Dubbed the “death list”,  the Queensland Child Death Case Review Panel have now named 51 children who brutally died, but were known to the government.

Their causes of deaths include assault, suicides, and chronic medical conditions, according to The Courier Mail.

Some were aged just one-year-old when they were killed.

The investigations have been triggered after a Brisbane toddler, Mason Lee, was murdered at his home, in early June. Just months before his death, Mason had been taken to hospital suffering serious injuries but was allowed to return home.

children bashed to death

Mason Lee. Image via Channel 7.

Child Safety Minister, Shannon Fentiman, has noted that a number of children were previously in the care of the department.

"In three cases there was previous involvement with the department, but not current involvement," Fentiman said.

"In one case the young person was in the care of the department at the time of death and in one case the child was subject to ongoing intervention through Intervention with Parental Agreement."

Shockingly, a number of young people are also choosing to take their own lives.

"Sixteen deaths were from diseases and morbid conditions, eight were the result of accidents, such as road fatalities, fire and drowning, and six were by suicide."

Bill Byrne, the Emergency Services Ministers, says that a review into their deaths is ongoing.

"There is an ongoing review; from my side of the fence there is an ongoing investigation by Queensland police."

The government's work has seen the number of children who have died and  were known to the government decline in the past four years.

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