"My mum has always been my hero. But my kids? Their heroes are toys."

Lisa Almond and her boys.


My Mum has always been my hero.

Even as a child I looked up to my mum and was amazed at how much she managed to accomplish and how she managed to treat all four of us kids equally throughout our entire lives.

Even now as adults it’s the same.

When I was younger though, I looked up to my mum because she was there; she was present in my everyday life.

There was no internet, no big media coverage of sporting events and the only magazines I read were ones that I purchased myself when I was older and could buy them with the money I earned.

I read books, and I loved those characters as well but the images I created in my mind were exactly that; images created in my mind. Whereas I could look at my mum every day. I could see the work she did and the life she lead.

She brought joy to everyone she was around, and still does.

While I like to think of myself as a hero to my children I asked my sons who their heroes were this week.

There’s so many heroes in Toy Story.

My six-year-old replied, “The Toy Story toys.”

Great, not only did I lose out with him, I lost out to inanimate objects.

“Why are the Toy Story toys your heroes?” I asked him.

“Because they can do anything. They go on big adventures and they are all friends with each other.”

At least he gets the concept of a hero. I guess, essentially, he uses the Toy Story toys to create the heroes he wants. I think that’s kinda cool actually. He has a good imagination.

My four-year-old answered the same question about his heroes with enthusiasm.

“Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Oh, and Lightning McQueen and Dusty. They are awesome.”

I thought I’d delve a little further and asked him why all of them were his heroes.

“Because they are so cool. Jake is the best. He’s the leader and he takes them all over Never Land and they do funny things and have adventures.”


I loved that a four year old mentioned that being a leader was cool. 

Just FYI, this post is sponsored by Disney, but all opinions expressed by the writer are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

“And what about the Cars and Planes characters?” I asked.

“Lightning McQueen because he races and I want to be a race car driver when I grow up and I love Dusty because he was so, so brave and raced all the big planes and he was only little and scared. That is so cool.”

I was quite impressed with his reasoning considering he is only four. They are all worthy heroes in my mind.

When I thought about it I guess I wasn’t really surprised. With the internet and media literally in all aspects of our lives my sons chose their heroes based on people, and objects in my six-year-olds case, that they see every day.

I find it fascinating that my kids have managed to find unlikely heroes who are still inspirational and give them someone to look up to.

It’s great that in a modern world where TV and films now create heroes, that these heroes are inspiring and give our children strength and hope. While the characters are sometimes unlikely heroes they are characters that set wonderful examples for our children and I think that is what is truly important.

Even now as an adult my Mum is still my hero.

Maybe over time my kids will have heroes a bit closer to home but for now they have heroes that they admire, whether they’ve created the heroic situation or they’ve witnessed them on TV and in movies.

I’ll continue to take them on big adventures, make them happy and be tough and strong and maybe the boys will one day look up to me as a hero. If not, I at least hope they continue to have heroes that inspire them to do their best in everyday life and achieve all of their hopes and dreams.

My mum definitely inspired me to do that.

My mum, my hero. 

Over to you, who’s your childhood hero? 

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