After a day at the beach, Nichole noticed a rash and strange bruises on her son's body.

At the beginning of June, Nichole Brooks returned from the beach with her two-year-old son, and noticed a rash and “strange bruises” on his body.

The family took Wyatt, who has Down syndrome, to the ER, “fully expecting to hear some random virus was to blame”.

But in a Facebook post on June 4, Nichole wrote, “I couldn’t have been more wrong”.

“We spent that night in a children’s hospital and learned our boy has leukaemia.

“We don’t know much about what is to come but we know our boy is strong, determined and has been fighting since the day he was born. He will overcome this,” she wrote.

Then, just one week into his Wyatt’s chemotherapy treatment, the US mum made the decision to shave her son’s head.

For Nichole and her husband, Colin, who adopted Wyatt as a baby, the decision was simple.

“I didn’t expect to have his haircut this soon but we made the decision that cancer would not take his hair away from him,” she wrote in a Facebook post on June 13.

“Instead, we would take control and shave his head before that process took hold.”

Image: Facebook/Nichole Brooks

As Nichole cuddled her son, a medical staff member at the hospital in Dallas, Texas where he was receiving treatment took an electric razor to the toddler's head. The mum-of-three said that her son cried throughout the haircut - but his reaction made her sure they had made the right decision.

"I was so afraid of how he would look without hair. The cut was quick and before I knew it he looked up at me with his beautiful brown almond shaped eyes and I just melted."

"When I showed him his new look he smiled ear to ear and signed 'beautiful'."

Wyatt, who turns three in a few weeks, communicates with sign language.

Image: Facebook/Nichole Brooks

"Yes, my sweet boy, you are VERY beautiful! In that moment I knew we made the right choice. Wyatt approved of his new do."

Image: Facebook/Nichole Brooks

Describing her son as a "warrior", Nichole said the strong little boy would fight to beat his cancer. And on July 8, just over a month after his diagnosis, she had incredible news to share.

"Wyatt’s bone marrow biopsy from Tuesday shows that less than .01 per cent of his bone marrow cells are cancer cells! This means induction was successful and he is now in remission!" she wrote on Facebook.

It would not be the end of his cancer battle, as the little boy continues to undergo treatment to ensure that the "sleepy, lazy cancer cells" do not start to develop. But it was the news this family had been waiting and hoping for.

You can follow Wyatt's progress on the Facebook page, Wyatt's World.

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