Quick thinking nine-year-old saves his mum from a stroke.

A heroic nine-year-old has received a bravery award for calmly calling triple-0 after his mother suffered a stroke whilst driving him to swimming lessons.

Noah Mattani received the ‘Triple Zero Hero’ award on Tuesday for his action under pressure when his mother, Nicole, suddenly pulled the car over after she began feeling seriously unwell.

The couple from Northbridge on Sydney’s North shore pulled haphazardly on the side of Deepwater Road at around 5:40 pm last October.

Mattani was able to guide triple-0 operators to their location as well as help diagnose his mother’s illness as being symptomatic of a stroke.

Source: Screnshot/Seven News.

The recorded conversations reveal his frightened yet calm response as a triple zero operator asks him to talk her through his mother's symptoms.

"Can you ask mum to smile for me?" The operator said.

"And can you tell me if it's a normal smile or not?"

Mattani then responds in a quiet tone.

"Not really," he said.

Paramedic Scott Miles. Source: Screenshot/Seven News.

Mattani told Seven News that although he didn't know it was a stroke, he knew something was wrong.

"I knew something wasn't right with her but I didn't know what," he said.

Paramedic Scott Miles said Mattani demonstrated a phenomenal level of maturity.

"He showed age beyond his years, really, in being able to stay calm under pressure," Miles said.

Mattani was even able to turn the car's hazard lights on to assist paramedics in the crucial minutes before the two were found.

Mattani accepted the bravery award before his classmates at Sydney's Scots College in Bellevue Hill.

Watch the heartwarming interview of Mattani and his mum from when he accepted the award on Tuesday. 

Video via Seven News
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