Parents are getting their children's drawings tattooed on their bodies.

Turning your child’s art and craft into a Christmas card or framed hallway artwork is one thing, but making it a permanent addition to your body is another.

And yet it seems to be the latest commitment craze sweeping the parenting world.

A collection of child drawings turned into tattoos. Post continues… 


Sharing images of their inked artworks on social media, countless parents, aunts and uncles have joined the craze, proudly sharing their colourful infant creations.

From owls to stick women in triangle dresses, Hello Kitty and love notes, the tattoos all appear on different areas of the body and vary greatly in size, shapes and colours, there’s one universal theme – and that’s how much love and adoration some people clearly have for their children.

It’s sweet. Of course it is. But it makes you wonder how on earth they’re going to mark their child coming home with a first place ribbon from the athletics carnival…

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