The reason why Cheyenne Tozzi decided to keep her pregnancy secret.


Cheyenne Tozzi has opened up about her pregnancy after months of radio silence.

The 29-year-old model and singer confirmed the pregnancy to Harper’s Bazaar, saying she kept it out of the public eye not only for privacy, but because of health issues.

“This pregnancy has been scary… uncertain,” Tozzi told the magazine. “I have rhesus negative blood type… The body might treat the pregnancy as a virus and cause some real problems.”

During pregnancy, a rhesus negative blood type can cause issues if the baby is rhesus positive. If the baby’s blood enters the mother’s bloodstream, the mother can produce antibodies against the rhesus positive cells.

She told Harper’s Bazaar she was “terrified”, and has required a series of anti-D immunoglobulin injections and close monitoring to ensure everything stayed under control.

“I didn’t want anything out there until I knew the baby was going to be healthy. I feel for all women who have any complications or uncertainties during pregnancy, no matter how severe.”

She is expecting (or may have already had) a baby girl with her partner Brazilian model Marlon Teixeira, adding another girl to her strong family of females.

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She counts mother Yvonne Tozzi, sister Tahyna Tozzi-MacManus and grandmother Gertruide Van Hoorn as her “saviours”.

“Of course I’m freaked out about parenting, but Tahyna has a little daughter, Echo, who I know will be close to mine, and my family always has lots of love and humour and support. We’re strong women. I’ve got role models,” she said.

Tozzi said she had never been the type to daydream about having children and getting married. She admitted her pregnancy was a curveball but she truly believes this baby is meant to be.

“I don’t know what the future holds – no one really does. Marlon and I are just both excited to meet our little girl and be the best parents we can be.”