The highly-bingeable Netflix show we all need right now.

When Netflix suggests new shows I generally view them with the same disdain you save for the person who offers their hand and says, “smell this.”

So when I found myself laughing until my chest hurt after only one episode, I knew two things: the streaming service had finally got it right and I had. to. tell. everyone.

Chewing Gum follows the story of Tracey Gordon as she navigates sex, friendships and what to do when you’re 99% sure your fiancé is gay.

Tracey lives in a British council estate with her evangelical Christian mother and sister.

The views in the household are so extreme even tampons are seen as kind of gateway drug to sexual deviance.

“My dear, your vagina is holy. I command you to leave your nether regions be,” insists her street-preaching mother.

I don't know if I want to be her or be her best friend. (Source: Channel 4.)

Sitting on the other side of Tracey's shoulder is personified devil and best friend, Candice.

"Candice is like the buffest girl I’ve ever seen on the whole of my estate, but she’s got learning difficulties so it sort of balances it out – so like, I can be best friends with her, and I’m not jealous or anything," Tracey explains.


Candice and her sexually liberated grandmother offer Tracey the kind of sexual education you wish you had as an awkward teen.

Robert Lonsdale plays aspiring poet Connor Jones. (Source: Channel 4.)

Chewing Gum doesn't just shatter the stereotypes of those living in council housing, it takes a refreshing approach to issues of religion, race and homosexuality.

The political progressiveness is all well and good but central to the show's appeal is that it's just funny.

Laugh out loud. Text your mate. Annoy your neighbours. Funny.

The six-part series was uploaded onto the streaming service last week as a "Netflix original" but originally premiered on British screens in 2015.

It was written by the multi-talented Michaela Coel who also plays the leading role of Tracey.

Coel won a BAFTA for the Best Female Comedy Performance in the role. The series also nominated for Best Scripted Comedy.

Do yourself a favour and check it out before your friends start quoting and you're left baffled and behind.

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