James Corden gave all the power to Chewbacca Mum and it was glorious.

Talkshow host James Corden is used to carpooling to work with celebs but usually he’s the one wielding all the power. Not this week though.

For starters, there was no karaoke.

Corden also found himself sitting in the passenger seat for a change and at the mercy of newly-minted Internet superstar, Chewbacca Mum.

ICYMI, last week an unassuming American mum was on her way to Coles when an experiment with Facebook’s new Live feature plucked her from obscurity and turned her into a viral video sensation.

After filming herself having a good ol’ chuckle in her new Chewbacca mask, Candace Payne’s video was viewed tens of millions of times and earned her a fair whack of freebies, including a trip to Lucas Studios in San Francisco.

Apparently, James Corden saw the video too because he replaced his usual Carpool Karaoke segment with the hilariously uncomfortable clip above.

The best bit about it? When Star Wars director J.J. Abrams turns up out of the blue.

Never were there so many happy Chewbaccas in one car.

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