This changes everything: our conspiracy theory about Andrew and Cheryl's awkward kiss.

Last night, we watched as Married at First Sight’s Cheryl and Andrew finally decided they no longer wanted to be sort-of-not-really fake married to each other anymore.

The break up was long overdue – given they hadn’t been living together for weeks and very early on, it was obvious it wasn’t going to work.

One of the most painful moments in their train wreck of a love story was during the home visits, when Cheryl was in Perth spending time with Andrew and his family. During a picnic on the beach, Andrew sang a song for Cheryl, and then went in for a kiss.

But the 25-year-old recoiled, and while covering her face with her hand, said, “I don’t want to kiss you.”

Kill. Us. Image via Channel 9.

We all wanted to die. And we've spent the better part of the last few weeks trying to forget this awkward encounter ever happened.

Until now.

Because we've come up with a theory. And everyone knows theories about reality television are the best kind of theories.

You might notice that when Cheryl says the words, "I don't want to kiss you," her lips aren't actually visible. They're covered by her hand. Perhaps this is because she didn't actually say those words at that time. Instead, the audio has been placed there from another scene.

Indeed, after the awkward kiss episode aired, Andrew wrote a now-deleted comment on the Married at First Sight Facebook page suggesting this might be the case.

Ooooooo. Image via Facebook.

"That was our third take," he wrote. "Her comment re the kiss was taken from her wedding with Jonathon. See if her lips move when she says it."

Of course, as the very serious investigator I am, I re-watched the episode that aired Cheryl's wedding. While the exact words, "I don't want to kiss you," can't be heard, it's more than reasonable to assume she might have said these words at some point during the ceremony, in a deleted scene. After all, we know the weddings are filmed several times, and in the version that went to air, Cheryl might have become quite used to kissing Jonathan.

There definitely is something suspicious about the beach scene. Neither Cheryl or Andrew's reaction seems to match what she has just said, and "I don't want to kiss you," is quite a strange thing to say on its own. You'd think in the context of a date, you might elaborate on why.

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Nonetheless, it remains only a theory - one of the many we've come up with this season. Like our theory that the producers were trolling Deb when the matched her with a non-Polynesian, or that the experts straight up forgot geography was a factor when matching potential couples.

They're theories... but they're also definitely true.

Do you think the awkward kiss was cleverly edited?

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