MAFS' Cheryl reveals how she felt when she found out what Andrew really said.

“Right now are you taken or are you single?” he was asked.

“Nah I’m single,” Anthony on Married at First Sight replied without hesitation.

The 38-year-old firefighter spent Sunday night’s episode bagging his “wife” Cheryl while out for a night with the boys. Andrew labelled himself ‘single’, and made fun of Cheryl for asking for space.

Turns out, Cheryl, 25, was just as surprised as the rest of Australia when she heard the content of Andrew’s comments as they were aired on Sunday evening.

“I don’t want to be with someone who goes and talks about me behind their back in a degrading way,” she told TheFIX yesterday.

“I’m all for a little banter here and there, but to constantly bring up your partner in a degrading way? I thought it was disgusting.”

Andrew talking to the boys about Cheryl. Image via Channel 9.

Cheryl was told by fellow contestant Sean about Andrew's behaviour previously - "it was just crap," he told her. But she didn't know the details and thought he might have been overreacting.

"Before the boys' outing, we both said let's go into this with a clear head and leave the past behind us," she said. "So when I got told by Sean what had been said, I was in a little bit of shock. It was pretty disgusting. I thought it wasn't going to be as bad as what Sean made it out to be."


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Now she's seen the footage, she's certain he wasn't overreacting. And she also doesn't understand the points he was making.

"I was really confused that he was saying that I wasn't really there, that I never really liked him," she said. "It was really strange. I didn't want him to stay if he 100 per cent didn't want to be there, but he said, 'why not?' We knew we both got along initially, so we both wondered why we were so rocky. It was a make or break week."

Cheryl after hearing about Andrew's behaviour. Image via Channel 9.

Most of all, she's hurt.

"I would never go to a dinner party and be around other people and bag up my partner," she said. "That's just embarrassing. Not just for them, but for me also."

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