Glittering performance aside, Cher's right breast is confusing everybody.

There was just one thing missing from Cher’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards – her right nipple.

Yep, welcome to the case of the missing nipple.

As the Believe star performed her classic hit on Sunday night, fans noticed something about her boobs.

cher's right breast
Where'd you go, Cher's nipple? Image via Getty.

The 71-year-old's left breast was covered by a glittery nipple sticker and her right one was not.

And well... it was nowhere to be seen.

We repeat, her nipple was nowhere to be seen. 

Thankfully, some very cluey armchair detectives Twitter users immediately got on the case and started #operationfindchersnipple.


Was Cher's nipple blurred out? Was she wearing a nude nipple pasty? Does she have a right nipple? Was her nipple abducted by aliens?



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If you ask us, a nude-coloured sticker is definitely to answer for.

We may never really crack the case of Cher's missing nipple - but with an outfit like that, we guess it was Cher's aim to make the internet explode.

And boy has she succeeded.

What's your take on NippleGate?