Paleo chef Pete Evans has taken a mocking swipe at his haters after this week's backlash.

It’s been less than a week since Pete Evans was thrust into the spotlight for his questionable health advice, encouraging an osteoporosis sufferer to cut out all dairy during a live Q&A session with his fans.

An Aussie doctor, Brad Robinson, promptly penned an explosive post to remind Evans that he was not, in fact, a medical professional.

And only about a month earlier, Dr Karl laid into the paleo way Evans lives by. And then there was the time he declared he was against the use of sun cream. And we can’t forget his controversial opposition to fluoride. The list goes on.

But with a strong fan base on his side, Evans appears to be unfazed by the unwavering torrent of criticism against him.

In a recent social media post, he has gone so far as to take a swipe at his haters and has advised his followers to keep their paleo diet a secret.

A meme shows stick-men figures reacting with indifference to unhealthy habits like going to McDonald’s, smoking a cigarette, getting drunk.

But when a stick-man with a chef’s hat – presumably meant to be Evans – declares he is going to “eat the Paleo way”, it triggers an angry response: “What!!! You must be crazy. Haven’t you heard it’s dangerous?”

A photo posted by Pete Evans (@chefpeteevans) on


The Instagram caption was dripping with sarcasm.

“Join the most DANGEROUS lifestyle on the planet at www.thepaleoway.com,” he wrote

“Go on live dangerously. Rebels only. Lol.”

That, my friends, is what you call a very cheeky dig.

In a Facebook post, he expanded, encouraging people to embark on the paleo lifestyle (“go on, I dare you”) while urging them to hide it from everybody except their doctor.

“FFS don’t tell anyone (except your doctor so they can do blood test before and after) or they will want to ridicule you about some cave person that supposedly lived to 30 (bahahahah) and get you back onto eating processed crap to make themselves feel better….about themselves!”

He continued, stating his belief “the only people this is DANGEROUS for, is some rather large industries that would love nothing more than to keep the mass public doing exactly the same thing they have been doing for the last few decades and we all know where that has gotten us and them!”