You can now enjoy your double brie without guilt.

She doesn’t feel guilty. Image:  iStock.

The cheese platter is always my favourite place to be at parties. I would say that cheese is my drug of choice. And finally, I can now eat as much cheddar as my heart desires without guilt.

Research from Tufts University in the United States has shown that eating full-fat cheese does no damage to your waistline. None. Zero. Nothing.

YMMMSSSHHH! (That’s me, saying “YES!”, but with a mouthful of brie.)

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This news is also fabulous for anyone with a passion for full-fat dairy products in general. Consuming these foods is less likely to lead to weight gain, when compared to low-fat dairy products.

The study, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that those who ate low-fat dairy products tended to over-compensate for the lack of calories by eating more carbohydrates.

Can I get a “hell yes” for icecream? With Milo on top? (Post continues after gallery.)

The researchers spent a good 16 years analysing the diets of 120,000 men and women in three separate studies, to look into the effects of diet on long-term weight gain. Guys, that’s 16 years of drinking chocolate milkshakes with icecream and whipped cream.

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It’s still important to eat in moderation, though, as cheese does contain saturated fat and cholesterol. And don’t forget the high salt content, too. I have a chronic kidney disease, so I avoid eating too much salt, which means that sometimes my snacks are cheese-free zones.


But, of course, cheese also contains calcium, so I’ll just bust out that cheese stick right now. Say cheese!

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Image: Supplied. Cheese is good for you!