It's a Christmas miracle: Science says cheese is actually great for your health.

Undoubtedly the best news we’ve heard in a long time, the scientific community has bestowed on us a true gift worth celebration and pretty much confirmed what we knew in our guts all along.

Cheese – the MVP of a pizza, saviour of quiche and the sole product keeping the water cracker industry afloat, has been confirmed by the scientific community as good for our health.

As reported in the European Journal of Nutrition, a team of Chinese and Dutch scientists revealed that people who at cheese everyday are less likely to develop heart disease or have a stroke, compared to rarely or never imbibed in the substance delicacy.

They also stressed that cheese contains many potentially beneficial ingredients like calcium, protein and probiotics.

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However, there’s just one tiny, minuscule caveat… a minor detail really… but said scientists also stated the magical dosage as 40 grams (or two and a half tablespoons) a day, which most people will recognise as not the typical serving of one of cheese i.e. the whole damn block of Brie.

But, keeping in mind that one does not eat cheese every single day, surely this could lead one to believe that you could eat your weekly (or monthly) serving in one go, and reap all the compounded benefits.

Right? Maybe? No…?

Cheese is good for you
Stack your cheese plates high this Chrissy... because science. Image via Getty.

This is probably reason why this writer has not been warmly welcomed by the scientific or health writing community, but hey I'm take one for the team and give my theory a crack.

Someone hand me a chunk of Mersey Valley stat.

Great scientific minds of the future, you can thank me later.

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