The latest food and wine trend has people gagging.

This is it. The last straw. The final piece of evidence that 2016 just needs to go ahead and end already.

Wine ‘glasses’ made of cheese.

We’ll say that again: wine glasses … MADE. OF. CHEESE.

Yes, someone over at Popsugar Food who fancies themselves as some kind of culinary wizard has decided that two of the oldest foodstuffs known to man, enjoyed side by side for centuries, ought to finally be brought together in one neat, unnecessary mouthful.

It’s a forehead-slappingly simple idea. I mean, why hasn’t anyone thought of it before?

Well, because nope. Just nope.

Shot of cheesy wine anyone? Image: Instagram.

Still, should you wish to give it a whirl at your New Year's Eve shindig, they've made a handy little instructional video.

You only need two ingredients. Red wine and cheese.

And the method is equally simple. Just spread melted cheddar around the inside of a silicone shot glass mould, allow to set for 3o minutes, et voilà - the hors d'oeuvre nobody ordered.

These cheese shot glasses take wine and cheese to a WHOLE new level. ???????? #eatthetrend with @brandimilloy

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Look, it did occur to me that perhaps I'm being too snobby. I mean, I love wine and cheese more than I love some members of my own family, so perhaps they do work together...

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it, I thought.

Give it a go, I thought.

After all, the lady in the video seems to think it's delish.

I didn't happen to have a silicone shot glass mould handy, so I tried try pouring some Grenache through a Bega single instead.

Cheese and wine. Lovely. Just not at once.

Suffice to say, it was not pleasant.

The wine tasted cheesy, the cheese winey. And neither were better for it. *Warning: the aftertaste lingers. Lots.

That'll do, 2016. That'll do.