Is this cheating?

Is "sexting" cheating?

Yes, according to 79 percent of respondents in a recent survey by HuffPost Divorce and YouGov.

The survey also found that 60 percent of people think forming a deep emotional connection with someone else is cheating, while 56 percent of women and 40 percent of men consider kissing cheating.

Kissing is such an intimate act, so this isn't surprising. But quantifying a "deep emotional connection" seems a little trickier.

Have you made contact with a ex on Facebook? Only 24 percent consider this cheating so go for it. Just kidding.

And while going to a strip club isn't ideal when in a committed relationship, only 24 percent consider it cheating. Married men trawling strip joints isn't the classiest behaviour but apparently all is forgiven if it's for a bucks night.

What constitutes cheating in your relationship? Often couples have their own rules. What some couples consider cheating others allow. We can all agree that sex and kissing constitutes cheating but what about the rest? Social media certainly complicates things. For example, are you Facebook friends with an ex? If you are, does it bother your partner?