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Mamamia readers spill on the outrageous ways they've caught their partners cheating.

There are the classic signs a partner is cheating. They’re secretive with their phone, working late all the time and suddenly interested – or disinterested – in family life.

And then there are the clues that you might never have guessed – like that they’re back pimples have been popped.

That’s how a woman in Europe discovered her husband was cheating on her. According to The Sun, she became suspicious when she noticed the pimples on his back had been inexplicably popped.

While she had always been tasked with the icky job, it soon appeared another woman had taken the reins.

And that’s just one of the outrageous ways men (sorry, in this case, it’s men) have been caught cheating by their wives and girlfriends.

We reached out to some glorious Mamamia readers to hear their stories. Here are their answers…

Cath – ‘He suggested a hookup – using my phone.’

“My ex was stupid enough to cheat on me using my own phone. He deleted the inbox but not the outbox and I found messages to an unknown number and one said: ‘Let’s have an intimate night together.’ To cap it off, I had a newborn baby and it was just before Valentine’s Day. He’s an ex for a reason.”

Charlotte – ‘I opened the mail and got a nasty surprise.’

“How did I discover my husband cheated? I opened the mail. I discovered a letter from Medicare, detailing the pathology tests the Medicare Benefits Schedule had covered.

“I work in health, so I know the pathology codes for an STI screen. Not many reasons for a man who has been married for 30 years to have a full STI screen.”

Ari – ‘It was a Sliding Doors moment.’

“I figured it out by driving past his car being at a petrol station when I just got off the phone to him and he told me he was somewhere else.


“When I pulled into the petrol station one of my ‘friends’ was in the car waiting for him to come out from paying. That did not go down well. I confronted him and that is when our five-year relationship ended. I am happily married now and to the most amazing man, and I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason.

“It was very hard and a real Sliding Doors moment; I wasn’t meant to drive past that service station but a series of events meant that I was and I don’t know when I would have found out otherwise.”

Ange – ‘My army husband was on a fake deployment.’

“He is in the army. He told me he was deployed. But really he was with his girlfriend, from when I was three months pregnant.

“He waited until my dad died to tell me. He was unable to come home from his ‘deployment’ to assist me with the toddler and newborn baby when my dad died.

“Then I sent him a text message saying I needed some help with the children and he came home and informed me he was leaving me. That’s the abridged version.”

Kim – ‘We thought it was innocent…’

“I caught my best friend’s boyfriend in the most random way… another friend and I were walking through Dublin city centre about 11pm on a Saturday night, we saw him walking with his arm around a girl we didn’t know. But we actually thought it was totally innocent, not a crime to have your arm around a friend.

“So we went over to say hello and he was acting VERY weird, but again we didn’t think anything of it, UNTIL out of nowhere this other (very drunk) girl appears and starts yelling ‘who the f*** are you two? That’s sister’s boyfriend!’ Not a great moment.”

Emma – ‘My nana told me to check his phone… in a dream.’

“I discovered my husband was having an affair via his phone… after my nana told me to check it, in a dream. She died when I was 18 years old and it was the only time she has ever been in my dreams and was so real I had a panic attack.

“He’d been funny for weeks – doing the dishes and helping out with our four kids.

“Oh and I should add, four months later I had my ‘full stop’ moment when by chance a friend and I found them screwing in a random park. Stars aligned that day.”

Have you ever caught your partner cheating on you? How did you make the discovery?