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A cheating husband tried to hook up with a married woman and her burning response has gone viral.

This married woman’s burning response to a cheating husband trying to lure her into an affair, shows just how great the internet is.

The cheating husband’s persistent messages led the woman to become “a little heated”, she said when uploading the images to Imgur

Cheating husband
The woman initially politely declined his offer, because she was married, but he persisted. (Image: littlesb79)

When the woman politely declines his offer, telling him she's married, he replies, "OK so am I but we just won't tell".

He then adds the 'encouraging' statement, "It will be fun lol".

The married woman ignores the proposition, once again. But the persistence doesn't stop there.  The man comes back, three days after his first message with a cry face emoji.


And then this happened.

cheating husband's messages
#savage (Image: littlesb79)


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The unexpected but completely brilliant response is going viral, receiving nearly 400,000 views on Imgur and over 1,000 comments.

"This here the beauty of a real woman," one user commented.

"You know, as a husband that was cheated on, it feels good to know there are still wives (and husbands like yours) out there," another added.