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He filmed himself dumping his girlfriend. The video's had 5 million hits.

Stay classy, guy.

So, what’s up with this icky new trend that involves men publicly humiliating their cheating girlfriends? Last week, a man bragged about how he invited all of his wife’s friends and family to a surprise party for her, then set it up so that they would all walk in on her in bed with her lover. And today, a video on Youtube posted by a scorned boyfriend has had 5 million hits in just a few hours.

Basically, the guy found out his girlfriend was cheating. So, he told her he had a surprise for her birthday. He made her cover her eyes and slowly walked her into the house. When she excitedly lifted the blindfold, she was faced with all her belongings, that he’d thrown into boxes because he was kicking her out.

Cheating is shitty, but publicly humiliating your partner as revenge is not a proportionate response.