Editor’s Picks: Non-cheesy Winter kids’ clothes for less than $40.

cheap kids clothes online

Nothing on this list is over $39.95. Which means, more money to spend on yourself…

It’s cold. And it’s (often) raining. And I’ve forgotten what my kids wear when it’s not T-shirts and shorts weather. Which is why, after a wardrobe clear-out this weekend, I realised that I needed to actually go shopping for the kids. You know, from the couch. Click along with me on this festival of new-season kids’ clothes. And not a Dora in sight.

1. Girls’ drop waist heart print dress from Target.

My daughter loves dresses. I hate frou-frou. So whenever I find a pretty-print dress that we BOTH think is gorgeous, I’m buying it. Super-cute with tights and pink gumboots.
RRP $20.00

cheap kids clothes online

2. Denim dip-dye dress from Next.

See above. This is a dress that I would wear myself if I could find one in my size, which, again, means my daughter would probably hate it. Except that, it has pockets. And dresses with pockets are brilliant for little girls who love STUFF. And check out the dip-dye. You can wash this.
RRP $21.00 – $23.00.

cheap kids clothes online



3. Paul set in sleeve crew from Cotton On.

Oh my God. I am click-click-clicking this for my little boy. Because the colour will look perfect with his eyes. No, not really. Because the colour won’t show up all the sh*t he gets up to in a day, plus he will look super-grown-up and handsome in it. Yes, I guess it will keep him warm, too.
RRP $26.95.

cheap kids clothes online

4. Floral Wellington boots from Next.

Okay. So now I’m serious, so they make these in grown-up sizes? Because, with a plain dress and dark tights, these boots are the bomb. And so pretty my girl might forsake her sparkly slippers on a rainy day to wear them. WIN.
RRP $12.50 – $16.50.

cheap kids clothes online


5. Boys essential long-sleeved dinosaur top from Target.

My boy thinks he’s a dinosaur. If I am ever desperate to get him to co-operate with dressing time, I just need to pull out the dino-clothese. But I hate lairy character clothes. So this long-sleeved T-shirt will make everyone happy. Plus, have you SEEN the price?

cheap kids clothes online

6. Piping hot chino pants from Target.

Tracky-daks, be gone. At least, you know, when we’re outside the house or visiting Nana. These do the same job, but look the business.
RRP $20.00

cheap kids clothes online

7. Girls stripe sequin skirt from Target.

Tutus. Sometimes my house looks like backstage at the Australian ballet. But (see the frou-frou rule, above) there are tutus, and there are tutus. And there is altogether too much pink. So, this: tulle, sequins, NOT PINK, and only $20.
RRP $20.00

cheap kids clothes online

8. Girls heart print zip hoodie from Target.

Look at the inside of this hoodie. Snug, snug, snug. And pockets. And love-hearts. Be still my daughter’s heart, this is the Best Hoodie Ever.
RRP $25.00

cheap kids clothes online

9. Girls anorak coat from Target.

But sometimes it rains. And sometimes there’s just no getting around pink. And this anorak is a gorgeous duksy shade, not fussy, and completely practical. CLICK.
RRP $30.00

cheap kids clothes online

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