The new honeymoon trend that is finally making weddings more affordable.

The idea of planning a wedding terrifies me. Not so much the marriage itself, more the budgeting. I have no idea how it might be possible to feed so many people. Buy a white dress. Have enough champagne. Make things look appropriately beautiful. And still be able to relax in the moment of marrying the person whom I love. All that spending seems very stressful and not exactly conducive to a “happily ever after”.

One way people are compensating for the over-spending that any wedding entails, is to cut costs on the honeymoon.

It’s called the “Tiny Moon”, and I am not convinced.

It all started with the idea of the “Mini Moon”. Where, the newlyweds go off on a mini-vacation directly after the wedding, and commit to a longer, more honeymoon-like honeymoon down the track. Two holidays for the price of one? Not bad.

But a Tiny Moon takes the first holiday and turns it into a “weekend away”. A night or two at a hotel or AirBnB in the same city of the wedding. Pressed linen sheets, hotel air conditioning, maybe a couple’s massage or a spa bath. Surely this is anniversary material, not we-just-got-married-and-are-starting-our-lives-of-marital-bliss romance.

It’s okay if you’re saving up for a big trip in the future, I guess.

It’s also okay if you’ve got family commitments, or work commitments, that mean you can’t leave town straight away.

But for me, it sounds suspiciously like I have to put in just as much work, even more money, into making that one big day special. The only difference being: I don’t enjoy a nice long relaxing rest in the ocean and outdoors afterwards.

Not sold.

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