8 warm and happy homeware finds (that cost less than $100 each.)

I’m hardly a real estate or home wares guru, but…

Two weeks ago, a couple on The Block spent $500 on a cushion. And if that’s not enough to be swearing about, get this. The couple actually bought two of them. TWO $500 cushions.

Who pays $1000 for cushions!? Especially when you consider the range of affordable and awesome homewares available at the moment and some of your favourite chain stores.  (I bought two cushions from Target the other day for $25 each. If only The Block couple knew… )

I’m hardly a real estate or home wares guru, but I am a big fan of filling your house with items that make it feel like a home. And those items don’t need to be expensive.

The following is a list of homewares items I’ve purchased or had my eye on recently. Take a look and then tell us in the comments if there’s any bargains you’ve picked up recently, and we’ll include them next week.

1. Dipped laundry hamper from Kmart.

I have this. It sits in my room and looks so much nicer than the plastic tub that lived before it. The best news is that it also comes in two other colours for the more adventurous folk.

RRP $29.00

kmart kitchen laundry hamper

2. Marquee Heart Light – Red from Target.

Because who doesn’t need a red heart shaped light that serves no actual lighting purposes?

RRP $40.00

target light heart


3. Rubin 3.5 Litre Casserole dish from Country Road.

Compared to its $400 Le Creuset counterparts, $59.95 feels like a steal. Pop it on your stove top and pretend you’re Jamie Oliver.

RRP $59.95

country road casserole dish

4. Gold foil plate by Salvation Jane.

Did you know Jane Hall did home wares? Me neither. She’s quite the talented one.

RRP $28.00

gold foil plate


5. Recycled aluminium bowl from Oxfam.

Would make an excellent – and affordable – birthday present for a friend.

RRP $16.95

recycled aluminium bowl oxfam

6. Wall words – love by Target.

Mine sits on my beside table. My friend has a blue ‘hello’ version that sits just inside her doorway. I love these because they’re simple – and so, so affordable. And they give a little home-y touch.

RRP $15.00

target wall words


7. Geometric cockatoo art print by Hard to Find.

If you’re looking for some art that’s reasonably priced and reasonably stylish, check out this whole range. Studio Cockatoo are a husband and wife team who create edgy geometric prints. Make sure you check out the Frida Pinto.

RRP $20.00

cockatoo print

8. Black ‘hello’ doormat by Lark.

This will make you smile every time you walk in the front door.

RRP $89.95

hello doormat larkstore

What cute homeware finds do you have your eye on this week? Let us know in the comments. 

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