Cheap and Chic: Fashion buys under $100. Just take my money now..

Nothing in the world is better that cheap things that look damn fancy. Nothing.

It’s March already. Mind. Blown. And apart from being terrified by the fact that the year is disappearing at an uncomfortably fast rate, I’m starting to get concerned about my trans-season wardrobe, namely the fact that it’s crappy.

What the eff is “trans-season”, I hear you mutter.

Well my friends, trans-season is that in-between time where it’s not really hot enough to wear float-y summer dresses anymore, but not really cold enough to go full layering with pants, boots and jumpers. (Read: a bloody hard time to get dressed.)

Trans-season doesn’t last that long, so you don’t want to spend trillions on pieces you won’t wear all-year … enter this list of chic sartorial buys that are less than a hunge. Move quickly, some of them are on sale, NOW.

Go, go, go…

1. ‘Wally’ tan croc leather heels from Wittner.

Stable enough for you to make the walk into work without your face meeting the pavement, high enough to say, ‘I mean business and you better not get in my way while I’m doing it’. These are heavy and chunky enough for autumn and in winter you can go all Alexa Chung and layer with socks.

RRP $99.95

2. Sia stripe dress from Saba.

The is the most flattering dress you’ll ever wear. Hear me out… It falls beautifully, it hits at exactly the right point on your legs and it cinches beautifully at the waist. Serious winner.

RRP $99.00

3. Abby zip tote from Seed.

Look at it, just look at it. A timeless black tote for less than $100, what’s not to love? You will tote (geddit?) it forever.

RRP $99.95

4. Diane grid print over-sized long sleeve shirt from Boohoo.

It’s all about a shirt in 2015: they cover the upper arms, and be button-right-to-the-top for an on-trend take, or left low for evening. Do the only-one-side-tucked for a really FAR-SHUN look. Wear with anything you want to make look more polished.


RRP $36.00

5. Crop moulded sweat from Country Road.

It’s on sale, people, move quickly. That colour. Those zips. Think of the comfort. I think it’s love.

RRP $49.95

6. Finch Tee from Camilla & Marc.

A Camilla & Marc tee. For less than $100. Do you need to know more?!

RRP $99.95

7. Layered hardware top from Witchery.

We are pretty sure this top is VERY similar (if not the same as) to the top Julie Bishop wore on Q&A this week, so it’s good enough for us. This is the kind of piece that will make your whole look very glam, but is so easy and comfortable to wear.

RRP $49.95

8. Stripe texture balloon midi skirt from The Iconic.

I’m all about a midi-skirt right now – perfect for slightly colder days when you can’t be effed shaving your legs. This one can we worn to work and dressed up for fun, wear it with a cropped tee for weekend.

RRP $39.95

9. Alyx Gusset ankle boots from The Iconic.

I would climb over people to get to these boots. They can be worn with everything you already own, but will add a touch of edgy I-could-sit-at-a-hipster-cafe. Boom.

RRP $59.95

10. River Island Kimono Sleeve Deco Print Wrap Dress from ASOS.

Everyone needs a wrap dress in their lives. Everyone, I tell you. And this one is a beauty. LOOK at that price.

RRP $69.00

Happy shopping…

Let me know below what kind of fashion finds you want to see for less than $100…