Shiny, pretty things: accessories for less than $50.

Feeling uninspired by your wardrobe? This might help…

You know when you have one of those weeks when you hate every single item of clothing you own, and it’s a pain to get up in the morning. That was me this week.

Every pair of pants feels dated, my skirts too ‘meh’ and don’t even get me started on my tops – all my knits have ugly pills on them. Basically, BLERGH.

My solution? Buy some new accessories. They are much cheaper than forking out for clothes and it’s crazy how shiny and fresh they can make you feel.

And it’s Friday… so why not treat yo’ self I say!

1. Metallic Flower necklace from Collette.

RRP $19.95

I secretly love a bit of bling. Wear this with a simple shirt or knit and suddenly you will be a lot more sparkly and feel a lot less plain. And this is not just for evening wear, imagine the sun glinting off those things…pretty.

2. The Light Show Ear Jackets from Molten Store.

RRP $49.00

Large drop earring really hurt my earlobes, but I really like the look of them. #firstworldproblems

These small-ish drop earrings are a nice half-way point I think: they are not too heavy but still look fancy.

3. 6 pack necklaces from H&M.

RRP $19.95

Six necklaces for less that $20. That’s about $3.30 each. Need I say more?! Wear one at a time, or all at once if you’re brave.

4. Knot Ring from Country Road.

RRP $39.95

Country Road have really upped their jewellry game of late, and I want it ALL. But for now, I have settled on this knotted ring. It’s so delicate you won’t ever have to take it off.


5. Avery Espadrilles from Seed Heritage.

RRP $47.96

These are so fun! And the combo of the sparkle and slight heel make them day-to-night appropriate. They’re also the most comfortable thing you’ll ever put on your feet.

6. Georgie pointed flat loafer from Portmans.

RRP $49.95

Loafers are polished enough for work, worn with pants or a skirt, and when winter truly hits I will try them with socks. Kind of like being back at school, but hopefully more fashionable?! Wish me luck.

7. Jaquie Colour Block cape from Forever New.

RRP $49.99

This is like wearing a stylish blanket. And I am the biggest fan of blue, so give me a few shades and it’s complete love.

8. Zip Detailed Textured bucket bag from Sportsgirl.

RRP $39.95

Fits everything, won’t get dirty and can be worn on the shoulder or cross-body. Winner.

9. Diffused Print Scarf from Witchery.

RRP $49.95

You know how wearing a wool scarf all day leaves your neck itchy and irritated. This beauty solves that.

10. Suffolk hat from General Pants Co.

RRP $44.99

Stay with me on this one…

It will keep your head warm. It hides really, really dirty hair. And you’ll look so European. This winter I will make myself a hat person.

Which cheap and cheerful accessories will be your go-to this season?

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