The 21st Century's answer to butterfly clips are here

Images via Hair Charmsies.

It’s hard to remember why butterfly clips were so cool in the 90s. I mean, it’s not like a crown full of plastic butterflies atop our heads was attractive, but then again, neither were scrunchies or slap bracelets but that didn’t hold us back.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for ye olde hair accessories of your youth, behold the new and possibly equally regrettable hair trend coming our way. It’s basically the 21st Century’s answer to the butterfly clip.

Introducing, Hair Charmsies.

See? Even the name sounds like something you might find in your seven-year-old niece’s jewellery box.

The hair bling is apparently "the craze that is blowing up fast in Hollywood and beyond," with celebrities like Hayden Panetierre, Paula Abdul, Maria Menounos and Renee Bargh all being spotted in them.

To apply: you place the sticker sheet on your hair, heat it up, and voila! instant hair glitter! They come in hearts, stars, rhinestones, round pailettes and pyramid studs. There's even red and green versions for that festive time of year.

According to one writer, Amy Sciarretto, on Bustle who tried Charmsies, the hair jewellery stays in all day, even longer than “waterproof mascara.” (Wait, isn’t that weeks?) And she only reported a slight “burning… ish” smell when she ran her straightener over the sticky strips.

To remove, you can brush them out gently or remove with conditioner, and none of Amy Sciarretto’s hairs were damaged in the process.

Maybe we've been looking at the pictures for too long, but these are actually kind of beautiful. We can definitely see them en masse at music festivals and hipster weddings. Ok, and maybe even at The Glow HQ.

Hair Charmsies, $10, available at Princess Polly.

And we all know who to blame for this craze.

Are you with us?