"The truth about Charlotte Dawson's death."

Charlotte Dawson may have been taking a black-market prescription drug in the lead up to her tragic death by suicide.

As Caroline Overington at the Australian Women’s Weekly reports, friends and family of the late, beautiful Charlotte knew she was on the drug Baclofen.

Balcofen is used for multiple sclerosis but like so many prescription medications, it’s often used (without permission) for other conditions. It’s supposed to help alcoholics recover, for instance – which is why Charlotte was allegedly taking it.

There are now whispers that the drug may have affected Charlotte’s mental state. As we know, Charlotte was clinically depressed and suffered a long, private battle with the illness in the glare of public scrutiny. None of us will truly know what went on in Charlotte’s head when she took her own life, but if an untested drug had anything to do with it, we need to know.

Baclofen has potentially had tragic consequences before.

Last year, the drug was linked to the death of British publicist, Anna Sargent. Anna’s body was found in the Thames after she reportedly threw herself off a bridge. She was known to be taking Baclofen — like Charlotte, to help with her alcohol problem.

That link was determined by a British coroner. The link between Baclofen and Charlotte Dawson has yet to be properly proved, but this possible development will surely add to the grief her many friends and family are still feeling.

These revelations are part of an extensive investigation by the Australian Women’s Weekly. To read the whole report, buy the July issue, on stands today.