Charlize Theron has come under fire for her son's latest dress-up.

Actress Charlize Theron is receiving torrents of nasty comments after images surfaced on social media of her four-year-old son dressed as one of his favourite characters.

It’s not Superman or Batman; rather, it’s the worldwide sensation that is Elsa from Frozen.

The outfit is clearly adorable, yet Twitter users have shamelessly criticised the mother of two for allowing her son to dress as a girl, asking if it’s “even legal.”

People have also taken to commenting on all her Instagram photos, saying she didn’t “deserve” to adopt her beautiful son.

Some have even accused her of racism — one used the hashtag “stop letting whites adopt black kids”, while another commenter wrote that Theron was doing her son “a huge disservice” by putting him in a blonde wig.

Thankfully, the world is not full of bigoted, close-minded individuals, with many very happy that little Jackson can wear whatever he wants.

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In fact, the Mad Max: Fury Road has spoken several times about her son’s love of princesses, having revealed Jackson was “infatuated” with Emily Blunt’s princess character in The Huntsman: Winter’s Way, and that his favourite toy was Tinker Bell

We’re pretty sure the star would be 100 per cent backing her choice and not taking any notice of the trolls, but if not: