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FINALLY: Just all the best reactions to Charlie's dramatic departure from The Bachelorette.

When we were first introduced to Ali Oetjen’s suitors on this year’s The Bachelorette, we had two thoughts.

The first – can Paddy please stop shouting “fit as f*ck” into the sky, and the second – uh, it’s clear who’s going to win.

Yes – we all thought it would be 31-year-old builder Charlie Newling. He seemed her type to a tee, and by all accounts on day one, seemed like the perfect gentleman.

But as the episodes rolled on, and we got to know Charlie better, we realised just how wrong we were.

From his aggression towards the other contestants (especially Bill) and tendency to start fights, to his somewhat controlling nature with Ali, fans shared one opinion:

Charlie needs to go. Now.

Just last week, a problematic comment about Ali “spreading herself too thin” had Twitter fuming – calling it “slut-shaming” and suggesting he has “white knight syndrome” – the compulsive need to be the rescuer in an intimate relationship.



Their opinion of Charlie couldn’t have backflipped harder from that first night, and everyone wondered just how Ali was seemingly blind to it all.

Amidst it all – the frontrunner confirmed to NW magazine that he has a son, information that was not conveyed to Ali at any point during the show’s filming, despite telling her he was interested in having children.

“I chose not to speak publicly about my child as I wanted to ensure their privacy was protected,” he told the magazine.

On tonight’s episode, Charlie’s “knight in shining armour” illusion finally shattered for Ali in a heated argument between the two, resulting in Charlie leaving the mansion before the rose ceremony.


Well, after cancelling plans to meet his family, he essentially tried to force Ali into telling him how she feels, while refusing to disclose his own feelings.

Which is… not how the show works.

“Knowing that there are other people involved kills me, it eats me up,” he said.

“Until I know we’re exclusive… I’m not going to say those words.


“Like your mother said to you, don’t just say it Ali,” he added, infuriating Ali who told the camera, “He’s trying to tell me how I feel.”

“You can’t help but not have control,” Ali rebutted when she confronted him back at the mansion, before finally showing him the door.

“Leave. Take care. Know that I’ll be thinking of you, bye.”

Here’s how Twitter reacted to Charlie’s alarming behaviour: