Charlie Pickering is very angry about toys. And you should be too.

How can you leave out Rey!?

That was the question an eight-year old American girl Annie-Rose had for the toymaker Hasbro about its special edition Star Wars Monopoly which was released last year. Why had they left out Rey – the film’s hero and only female star?

The letter she wrote the company,  which her mum Carrie Goldman tweeted, attracted a lot of attention and resulted in the toymaker agreeing to rectify the omission.

This week on The Weekly, Charlie Pickering absolutely nailed the issue of movie merchandise which omits the female characters, which is oddly commonplace.

He went on to make a cracking case for the problem with “girl” & “boy” toys.

Watch this and tell me that there’s absolutely no problem with blue lego for boys and pink lego for girls.

Where do you stand? 

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