Charlie Pickering just obliterated Tony Abbott's opposition to same-sex marriage.

Another week, another epic take-down.

Last week on The Weekly Charlie Pickering skewered Cori Bernardi for his anti-Halal stance. This week, he’s taking on Tony Abbott and the marriage equality debate.

On Tuesday, just days after Ireland voted in favour of same-sex marriage, Bill Shorten and Tanya Plibersek announced they would introduce a bill for marriage equality to parliament next week.

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In response, Abbott has hinted he might allow his party to have a conscience vote on the issue, which maybe might lead to a different, bipartisan bill being put to parliament in the future. This is potentially good news, but it will take time. It certainly won’t be next week.

In an attempt to push things along a bit, Pickering tried to reach out to our Prime Minister with some arguments in favour of marriage equality that he could understand.

He got him with economics and snappy three-word slogans.

“The best way to give small business a boost is to legalise gay marriage,” he said. “Think of the added income we’d get. Every weekend it would be like a thousand tiny Mardi Gras.”

“We can gay our way back to surplus.”

After trying to convince Abbott that we can “gay our way back to surplus,” he hit at his nationalistic nerve, pointing out that Australia has fallen well behind the rest of the world.

“The countries we used to make jokes about, have left us behind,” he said. “Now when an Englishman, an Irishman and an Aussie walk into a bar, it turns out we’re the punchline.”

Watch him deliver several here:

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