The Weekly's Charlie Pickering rips into our damaging culture of getting ripped.

If you thought an insane pressure to be trim and fit was solely placed on women, you thought wrong.

For men, the burden to look great has been building over the last decade, says Charlie Pickering. But if you’re a guy who’s currently in the process of ‘getting ripped’, Charlie wants to have a word with you.

He’s had it with the protein-shake-drinking, ab-crunching, cross-fitting gym junkies, okay?

You can watch the clip below (post continues after video).

Video via ABC

In this week’s instalment of The WeeklyPickering took aim at the $389million whey protein industry. Highlighting that the workout supplements can actually lead to significant health issues, like liver damage.

But as Charlie says, “losing a liver means does mean more room for abs…”.

What’s your take on gym fanatics and their many supplements?

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