Thursday's news in under 5 minutes...

1. Charlie Hebdo attack

A major man hunt is under way in Paris after two masked gunmen walked into the offices of one of France’s most historical satirical magazines, Charlie Hebdo during an editorial meeting and executed 12 people, critically injured 5 more and fled.

Four of the victims of the attack.

It is being called the worst terrorist attack in France in 50 years.

Two police officers are among the dead.

The men then escaped with another man in a black car. The security level in France has been raised to its highest level.

Amateur video shot after attack has shown two men dressed head-to-toe in black leave the building and shoot a wounded policeman in a brutal execution as he lay on the pavement.

For more:

  •  Paris is in lockdown as 3000 officers search for the three gunmen and the driver of the car. For more on this go here. 
  • One magazine staff member says she hid under the desk with her daughter who she had just picked up from daycare as her colleagues were executed around her. For more go here.
  • In a video which has been uploaded to social media the brutal execution of a police officer is clearly seen. The officer holds up an open hand immediately before being shot dead. For more go here.
  • What is Charlie Hebdo? For more go here.  
  • The victims: Four cartoonists have been identified and the editor-in chief. For more go here.
  • The French President said there is no doubt this is an act of terrorism.For more go here.
  • Muslims around the world have condemned the actions of these men. For more go here.
  • Prime Minister Abbott and other world leaders have condemned the shootings. For more go here.
  • Crowds gather as Paris mourns. For more go here.

 2. Bali 9 Myuran Sukumaran’s to face firing squad

News Limited report that Myuran Sukumaran – one of the “Bali 9” has lost his final bid for Presidential clemency and may now face the firing squad.

Myuran Sukumaran

News Limited says that sources have confirmed that Myuran Sukumaran’s clemency plea has been rejected.

It is reported that Andrew Chan, who is also on death row, has not yet received a decision on his clemency plea.

 3. 11-year old boy nearly drowns while his parents at the pub

A schoolboy aged just 11 has nearly drowned and had to be rescued by surf lifesavers while his parents drank at the pub.

The Courier Mail reports that Greenmount lifesavers on the southern Gold Coast had to rescue the boy on Sunday afternoon.

“He was struggling, going under and he was swallowing a lot of water,” said the 47-year-old lifesaver. “I got on my board and took him back to shore where we sat him down for half an hour.”

The lifesaver told The Courier Mail that when he asked the boy where his parents where he told them he was alone with his 12-year-old brother while his parents were at the pub.

Gold Coast duty officer Peter Anderson said it was not usual for parents to drop their kids off at the beach. “We’re seeing young children in the water and their parents are expecting us to keep an eye on them,” he said.

 4. 20kg cannabis found dumped

Up to 20kg of cannabis has been found dumped in bins in Sydney’s north-east. Other “rubbish” included components for a hydroponic growing system; a number of items have been taken for forensic examination.

Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000

5. Founding fathers time capsule gives a glimpse of the United States of 1795

By ABC A time capsule originally placed under a cornerstone of Boston’s Massachusetts State House in 1795 by Samuel Adams and Paul Revere has been opened at the city’s Museum of Fine Arts. Dubbed the oldest time capsule in America, it was last unearthed in 1855 when its contents were documented and cleaned.

Opening the capsule

Additional items were added more than a century and a half ago, before it was plastered into the underside of a massive granite cornerstone.

The capsule, a bit smaller than a cigar box, together with miscellaneous coins and newspapers, was again removed last month, weighed and x-rayed.

It was uncovered during repairs for a water leak at the State House. Conservators from Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts opened the time capsule at a press conference on Tuesday, revealing silver and copper coins dating from 1652 and 1855, an engraved silver plate, a copper medal depicting George Washington, newspapers, cards, the seal of the commonwealth, and a title page from the Massachusetts colony records.

Samuel Adams was one of the founding fathers of the United States, as well as being the governor of Massachusetts and a renown brewer.

Paul Revere, an American revolutionary war hero, was known for metalsmithing, engraving and overlaying the entire dome of the Massachusetts State House with copper. The laying of the time capsule was a custom of the time thought to bring good luck.

It will be placed back into the cornerstone of the Boston building once the repairs are complete.

A version of this story was originally published on ABC and has been republished with full permission.

6. Campbell Newman rules out daylight saving

Campbell Newman has ruled out introducing daylight savings to QLD if re-elected. “I’m pretty confident there is no political party that’s going to be putting daylight saving on the table in this election, he said yesterday while campaigning for the January 31 election.

“All major parties realise that if you look at the whole of the state I’m afraid collectively people don’t want it.”

7. Aussie schools still using corporal punishment

A school in Perth is receiving criticism after it was revealed that they still use corporal punishment, despite it being illegal in WA.

Should the ban be more widespread?

A loophole in the laws means that while caning was banned in WA public schools it does not include private schools.  Ninemsn reports that Nollamara Christian Academy’s said uses a small paddle “like a ping-pong bat”.

At the school punishments are for pupils who break the rules by fighting, swearing, being disrespectful to teachers or failing to complete their work for several days in a row.

The Western Australian government is looking to close up the loophole. QLD is the only state in Australia that does not ban corporeal punishment in schools.

8. Aussie surfwear brand sold to overseas company

It’s another Australian brand leaving our shores with the announcement that surfwear brand Mambo has been sold to a US clothing group.


The buyers, Saban Brands own the Paul Frank and Macbeth fashion labels. Mambo was founded in Sydney in 1984 by Dare Jennings and Andrew Rich

9. Cyclists turned away from brunch due to no lycra policy

A hotel in Perth has turned away a group of cyclists from brunch telling them they have a “no lycra” policy.

Nine News reports that one of the cyclists, Ross Powell walked into the Raffles hotel in Perth with a fellow group of riders when he was approached by a staff member who confronted him with an unexpected remark. “Sorry mate you can’t come in here – we’ve got a no lycra-free policy – we can’t serve you, the waiter said. “

Ross told The Daily Mail that he was stunned. “ I’ve never been spoke to like that – it was horribly humiliating.”

“I’m 43 years old and a father of two kids – I’ve never been kicked out of anywhere in my life – let alone for the clothes I was wearing.”

Mr Powell says it is blatant discrimination. “I think most pubs and clubs want young people who are hip and don’t like the older crowd as a general rule,” he said.

“People don’t like the way we look.”

10. Abandoned dog to find a home

Yesterday we brought you the story of Kai, the shar-pai crossbreed who was discovered tied to railings outside a Scottish train station, complete with a suitcase packed with his doggy belongings.

Today there is good news with reports that the Scottish SPCA, who took him in, saying they have now been inundated with calls from members of the public offering him a new home.

They say that Kai is in good condition and is very friendly so they believe the owners, who they are still trying to trace, could not afford to keep him anymore.

Hurray for Kai.  Good dog.

11. Man arrested at Parliament House in Canberra


Police have detained a man outside the ministerial entrance of Parliament House in Canberra.

The incident unfolded around 12:30pm (AEDT) when police and protection officers saw the man armed with a knife.

After failing to relinquish the knife, the man was tasered, handcuffed and taken into custody.

Police said there were no national security concerns.

Dozens of Australian Federal Police officers surrounded the area, keeping the public away from the scene.

This post originally appeared on the ABC and has been republished with permission.