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Charlie says that last night The Bachelorette cut the most critical scene.


Charlie Newling, who was last night eliminated from The Bachelorette after seemingly giving Ali Oetjen an ultimatum, says there was most definitely more to the story.

When Ali arrived in Sydney to meet Charlie’s family, he announced that wouldn’t be happening, because he believed Ali was dating three other men which was unacceptable but also rude. 

Under any other circumstances, the 31-year-old might have had a point. But when you sign up to a show with a very clear set of rules, pursuing a woman who is also dating a number of men at the same is perhaps… to be expected.

But according to Charlie, a critical scene was cut from last night’s episode that explained the actual reason Ali wouldn’t be meeting any of his family.

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“It was a part you guys didn’t get to see,” the builder told Mamamia. 

“I received a phone call late the night before from my family stating that my grandmother who is really sick had become critical and they had to rush to Newcastle to see her.

“Basically that’s how the conversation with Ali and me went and she was quite sympathetic towards that.

“Hence off the back of that… I could’ve been at home with my family supporting them but I was in there trying for love with her and I had to say to her ‘this is serious’, and ‘I have to weigh up whether this is right for me or not’.”

It is still unclear what Charlie actually wanted from Ali on Thursday’s episode, telling Mamamia, “I just wanted her to know the truth so she could make a judgement on us there and then…”

On Friday morning, Charlie told Fairfax he believes that if that conversation had never taken place, he would’ve won the competition.

“I don’t want to sound arrogant but I think I would have won,” he said.

“I definitely think I would have been in the final two. You didn’t get to see it but we definitely had the strongest connection in there, and the longest.”

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On Thursday night, shortly after the elimination aired, Charlie confirmed his new relationship with Dasha Gaivoronski who appeared on Nick Cummins’ season of The Bachelor.

It wasn’t exactly a surprise given they had a) been pictured having dinner together, b) Paddy Colliar had actually talked about it on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa last week, and c) the live Q&A they both did on Dasha’s Instagram.


“Dasha is someone who came into my life and we just instantly clicked,” Charlie told Mamamia. We became really good friends. I was a bit down with how I was being portrayed on the show.

“I’ve spent more time with Dasha in the last three weeks than I did with Ali in the nine weeks I was on there so it’s definitely a different set up,” he said.

And on the subject of Ali, Charlie did he say he did his best to “guide her” (ahem) throughout the show, because he “could see small signs as to why she has got it wrong before.”

The elephant in the room, of course, is that everyone on a dating show has got it wrong before, but I digress.

He added that he wasn’t confident Ali was going to make the right decision, which had “nothing to do with the men who were left… it was to do with her.

“Unfortunately she has got this wrong in the past and that was a concern for all the guys…”

Interestingly, Charlie also mentioned that he never told Ali he had a young son, because it simply didn’t come up.

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