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1. Melbourne father killed his daughters for revenge

Charles Mihayo

A Melbourne father killed his two daughters while their mother was in an adjacent house.

Charles Mihayo faced court yesterday over the murder of his two daughters aged three and four.

He told police at the scene that he killed them as revenge when they asked him why he simply looked at his ex-wife and said “You have to ask her.”

The court heard that he was locked in a custody battle with his ex-wife.

The sentencing judge was presented with victim impact statements from three generations -the great grandmother, grandmother, and mother of the girls but they chose to show the statements only to the judge rather than make them public.

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2. Republicans win control of both Houses in midterms

US Midterms have delivered a resounding result.

The Republicans have gained control of the US Senate after winning the six seats they required from the Democrats in the US midterm elections. It means President Obama will face both a Senate and House of Representatives controlled by his political opponents.

Republican Mitch McConnell was crowned Senate majority leader.

NBC News’ political director Chuck Todd has said that such a lead would make it unlikely that the Democrats could retake the House before the year 2022.

 3. Racing Victoria announces new rules

The Victorian Jockeys Association and Racing Victoria have announced new rules in the light of the deaths of two horses after Tuesday’s Melbourne Cup.

This will mean that the size of flags are restricted from the racecourse, as well as banned in the immediate vicinity of the horses.

The rules also affect where the horses enter the mounting yard.

News Limited reports that chief steward Terry Bailey said “The incident involving Araldo was a freak accident and something that we have not seen previously. However, we have taken these interim measures for the remainder of the Carnival and will discuss the long-term procedures with the VRC following its completion.”

4. Whitlam memorial

Noel Pearson’s eulogy at Gough Whitlam’s memorial service is being acclaimed as one of the best political speeches of our time.

He called the former Prime Minister “Australia’s greatest white elder”.

“Without this old man, the land rights of our people would never have seen the light of day,” Mr Pearson said.

“He harboured not a bone of racial, ethnic, or gender prejudice in his body.”


5. Gold Coast mother to apply for bail

A Gold Coast mother accused of murdering her newborn is expected to apply for bail today in the Supreme Court.

35-year old Jodie Tarnawskyj was arrested last week after detectives from the Child Trauma Taskforce, State Crime Command and Gold Coast District Child Protection and Investigation Unit examined the baby boy’s death in June.

 6. Pregnant woman in hospital after road rage incident

A seven-months pregnant woman is in hospital after she was allegedly punched in the stomach in a road rage incident in Melbourne overnight Wednesday.

Victorian Police report on their Facebook page that a 37-year-old man has been charged with 28 offences including reckless conduct endangering persons, intentionally cause injury and other assault and traffic related offences.

The man allegedly crossed four lanes of traffic and collided with the victim’s car before getting out and punching her face and stomach.  His lawyer said he was in a psychotic state.

7. Jacqui Lambie’s most controversial comments yet

Jacqui Lambie has offended veterans.

The head of the RSL has condemned the comments by PUP Senator Jacquie Lambie where she called for war veterans to turn their back on politicians during speeches at Remembrance Day ceremonies next week.

She said that veterans should turn their backs as a response to the government’s decision to award defence personnel a 1.5% pay rise.

The head of the RSL Rear-Admiral Ken Doolan released a statement saying “To do as Senator Lambie is suggesting would be to insult the memory of the more than 100,000 who have given their lives for us.”

 8. Black Mum gives birth to three white children

A black woman from Brazil has said that the first time her daughter was placed in her arms she thought it was a joke as her daughter was so white.

Rosemere Fernanda de Andrade and her husband are both black but three of their children have the rare genetic condition albinism and have no skin pigment.

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 9. Choose your baby’s looks

Choose-your-own baby may be a reality.

A US company 23andMe has patented technology which they claim will allow parents to select traits they want their baby to have such as hair and eye colour as well as certain personality types.

A patent filed in American describes the technology as “Gamete donor selection based on genetic calculations “

Wired reports that among the traits listed in the application are: height, weight, hair color, risks of colorectal cancer and congenital heart defects, expected life span, expected lifetime health care costs, and athleticism.

The company said so far they have no plans yet to use the technology for designer baby making.


10. Teenagers lured into prostitution ring

A teenage prostitution ring has been uncovered in Ottawa led by a 15-year old.

The girl now 18 has been jailed for six-and-a-half years for drugging and beating girls as young as 13  and then forcing them into prostitution.

The young girls were enticed through social media – and then forced to have sex with adult clients.

The girl has three years remaining on her sentence after being in police custody since her arrest in 2012.

Another of the ringleaders still faces sentencing reports The Star.

 11. Couple on holiday of a lifetime tragic deaths

Dean and Tanya Griffioen

A Gold Coast couple who were on the holiday of a lifetime and blogging about it as they went on a worldwide motorcycle odyssey have died in a motorbike accident.

Dean and Tanya Griffioen’s travel blog called “ONE Life is All You Get” documents their journey around Africa.

The couple died after their motorbike collided with a 4WD in Uganda reports the Gold Coast Bulletin.

12. Call to lower school uniforms

There is a call today to lower the hemlines of school uniforms, and it’s not for the reason you think.

A study by James Cook University has found that lengthening uniforms to the knees and elbows, or wearing loose-fitting clothing, increases sun protection by more than 9%.

News Limited reports that previous studies have shown wearing longer pants does not make people feel hotter in fact skin and body temperature does not vary at all.

Study supervisor, Dr Simone Harrison told News Limited that they are hoping their research will influence Australian and New Zealand sun protective clothing standards.

“It doesn’t require a re-design of the uniform, just small alterations or choosing loose-fitting garments, so it’s a big gain for a little effort.

13. Disney has sold three million of these

3 Million little Elsas are out there singing.

The Disney Corporation has revealed that more than three million Elsa and Anna costume dresses have been sold in the last year.

According to Disney Consumer products Frozen toys will be at the top of the hottest gifts for Christmas with the Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa doll set to be on every girl’s Santa list.

The other big news announced in the US is the fact that a whole new line of Frozen products are set to debut including Frozen-themed food including fresh apples and grapes, juice, yogurt, bandages and Frozen toothbrushes.

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