The genius thing Princess Diana did after splitting with Prince Charles.


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When Princess Diana and Prince Charles split in 1992, Diana had a sneaky way of making things a little inconvenient for Charles.

You see, Diana may have lost her title when they split but she did keep their Kensington Palace home and remained there with sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

In Charles: The Misunderstood Prince, royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith wrote that Charles sent his long-time valet Michael Fawcett to the house to pick up his things.

“Diana loathed Fawcett, whom she regarded as an overbearing bully to those below him and a sycophantic lackey to Charles and Camilla,” Bedell Smith wrote.

“After Charles broke his right arm, Fawcett dutifully squeezed his toothpaste onto the royal toothbrush – a gesture quickly incorporated into Prince Charles lore as an everyday routine.”


When Charles sent Fawcett to collect his belongings, Diana was not impressed.

She ordered the locks changed.


Yeah, so Charles' valet turned up to pick up the Prince's things and he couldn't get in.


Charles' moved just eight kilometres down the road to York House, a five-bedroom wing on the grounds of St James' Palace.

Charles and Diana divorced in 1996. While she kept the (new) keys to their Kensington Palace home, Diana lost her title of Her Royal Highness and was no longer able to count on police protection following the divorce.

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