A radio host has disturbingly confessed to raping his own wife.

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Disturbing audio has emerged of popular US radio host, Charlamagne Tha God, talking about raping his wife during their first sexual encounter.

The clip shared to social media and quoted by MadameNoir comes from a segment on the 40-year-old’s podcast, Brilliant Idiots, in which he was discussing rape culture.

“I keep telling’ y’all. I’ve told y’all this over and over. It’s a lot of things guys did, especially when we were young, that were rape that we just didn’t consider rape. I’m married to my wife. Me and my wife dated for a whole year, she would not give me no pu**y,” he said.

“Me and my wife hung out one Saturday night, and she got sloppy drunk and passed out in my mumma’s house and I got that pu**y. She was f***ing me back and all that, but she was really drunk.

“I asked her yesterday, ‘Yo, did I rape you the first time we ever had sex?’ And she looked and she goes, ‘I mean in hindsight, yeah…’”

Addressing the audio on his radio show, The Breakfast Club, on Monday, Charlamagne (real name Lenard McKelvey) said the clip was incomplete. According to him, he said: “She told me ‘yeah I can see how people say that, but that’s not what happened with us. It’s not like I said no.’”


Charlamagne then called his wife, Jessica Gadsden, while on air so she could clarify what took place that evening.

“Did I rape you the first time we had sex with each other?” he asked.

“That’s not what went down, we both know what happened and I was not passed out,” she replied. “I was very coherent, like enough for me to lift up my hips so you could take my panties off.”

She argued that his actions weren’t criminal: “…you felt like it was OK for you to have sex with me while I was intoxicated; that’s rape culture, that’s not rape.”

The clip comes just days after a woman who claims she was raped by Charlamagne in 2001 called for her case to be reopened.

Charlamagne pleaded guilty in 2002 to contributing to the delinquency of a minor after the then 15-year-old girl accused him of raping her at a party the previous year. Remaining charges were dismissed, and he was sentenced to three years of probation.

In a statement quoted by Billboard last week, South Carolina Ninth Circuit Solicitor Scarlett A. Wilson said the case will not be resurrected.

“The prosecutor made this agreement because of the victim’s absence and the lack evidence available at the time,” the statement read.

“The State’s prosecution has ended and the dismissed charge against Mr. McKelvey will not be resurrected. The law presumes that Mr. McKelvey is innocent of the dismissed allegation.”

The alleged victim’s mother told The Blast she stopped her daughter from cooperating in the prosecution in order to protect her from further suffering.

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