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This 5yo girl has put your last charity fun-run to shame.

If this doesn’t melt your cold, dead heart, nothing can save you.

A five-year-old Canadian girl (and Sister of the Year contender) called Na’ama Uzan started a small lemonade stall last spring to help find a cure for her older brother’s rare neurological disability.

Nadav Uzan, 7, suffers from Angelman Syndrome, which means he has regular seizures and struggles to talk and walk. The disease affects around one in every 15,000 people.

His little sister wanted to do something to help her brother and started her very own lemonade stand.

But this is not ANY lemonade stand. This humble little street stall which also sells muffins and other sweets, has raised an incredible $25,000.  That’s twenty-five-thousand-dollars.

Na’ama has become a mini-celebrity. Image via the AS Lemonade Stand Initiative Facebook page.

The children’s father David told the Toronto Star he was proud of his daughter’s efforts.

She wanted to do something. When she realized that lemonade stands, which would normally be for fun, could be a source of helping find a cure, she really just stepped up and really took off with it.

Word of the lemonade stand spread around the neighbourhood, prompting local kids to get involved.

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They now take take turns to man multiple stands which operate out of people’s driveways once or twice a week – even during sub-zero winter temperatures.

The whole neighbourhood is now involved. Image via the AS Lemonade Stand Initiative Facebook page.

The proceeds of the stall are being donated to the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics.

Na’ama’s business caught the attention of Californian couple David and Steve Low, whose son Joshua also has Angelman Syndrome. They raised an additional $20,000 and donated it to the cause in Nadav’s honour.

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Starting a business that rakes in tens of thousands of dollars – all at the age of five – is pretty impressive.

But as Na’ama says, it was easy:

It helps my brother Nadav. {I love him} more than a ton. I can’t say how much. It never ends.

Too cute.

Here is Na’ama talking to the media about a donation which has been made in her honour: