Channing Tatum posted a naked bedroom photo of his wife and fans are mighty angry.

It was meant to be a simple expression of love for his wife in front of his 13.2 million followers.

But, as we all know, celebrities aren’t allowed to do anything without their actions being scrutinised beneath a microscope.

So when Magic Mike actor Channing Tatum, 36, posted an image of a naked Jenna Dewan Tatum having a nap on Instagram, people were bound to react.

Nap time = The Best Time ????????????

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Fans were quick to ask the actor whether his 36-year-old wife had given her consent for her image to be posted online.

“Her body should be for your eyes only, not the millions,” one wrote, while another commented, “this pic is mean”.

“I would never be happy with posting a naked pic of me like this on IG! I hope she knows!!! Cuz if she doesn’t, you better tell her! (sic),” they wrote.

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Others were quick to jump to the actor's defence, arguing that there was "nothing wrong" with Channing showing that he loves his wife.

"She's beautiful. Nothing's wrong with that. They're amazing," one person wrote.

Concerned fans can rest easy knowing that all evidence points to the fact that Jenna approved Channing's posting on the image: her own account is tagged in the image and she was posting on her own Instagram just hours after Channing's share.

Next life requests...

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If she had a problem with the nature of the image, she would be well aware of its presence online and could have easily asked for it to be removed.

Plus, the couple aren't strangers to sharing their love for each other online and in interviews; in the January issue of Cosmopolitan, Jenna described sex with her husband as "primal" and "earthy".