A reporter with autism gives the perfect Channing Tatum interview - all without saying a word.

It wouldn’t be often that Channing Tatum would be upstaged by his interviewer. The actor radiates charisma and seems to be in control of just about every scenario he is put in.

But a little-known reporter by the name of Carly Fleischmann is making headlines today for her interview with the man everyone wants to marry.

Fleischmann, who has autism, visibly takes Tatum by absolute surprise more than once in the interview, slyly dropping in marriage requests and encouraging him to divorce his wife to run away with her.

“Soon he will dump his wife to be with me,” she opens up her interview giving her interview subject little time to consider her request.

The usually smooth-operator finds himself flustered and giggly when hit with an onslaught of compliments and questions, make the interview little more than a one-woman show.

"Soon he will dump his wife to be with me."

And there was no place for him to run.

"How about that Channing, would you date a 21-year-old with autism?" she propositioned.

Tatum, ever the charmer and quick with his retorts played along with her.

"Yes, if i got permission from my wife."

"All right, i've got my lawyers working on the divorce papers as we speak," she threw back.

Fleischmann didn't seem all that interested in the niceties of conventional Hollywoof interviews, ribbing him on almost every part of his life without seeming to take a breath.

"You are seen as one of the most attractive hunk in Hollywood. Do you find it hard to be good looking?" she asked.

"I actually find it hard for anyone to take me seriously at all, ever," he responded.

Even more surprisingly, Fleischmann didn't seem interested in making Tatum feel comfortable. She wanted to be blunt, and she wanted answers.

"I know you were a stripper growing up. How many girls at the end of the night would take you home?"

Flustered and blushing, it took a little bit for the actor to regain his composure to answer this one.

"How many? At the end of what night? Some nights were more than others..."

You can watch the full clip here:

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