Kiss Bang Love hasn't even aired yet and a contestant is already defending it.

This is it, guys. We have officially reached peak reality TV.

The genre MTV pioneered, with hits like, MTV Cribs and The O.C. spin-off, Laguna Beach, grew into something much bigger than itself when E! launched Keeping Up With The Kardashians

After this, absolutely nothing was off-bounds, even Australia jumped on the band wagon. From Master Chef and My Kitchen Rules to The Bachelor, we thought we reached our peak with Seven Year Switch. But no.

The first episode of Kiss Bang Love premiers tonight and it has already stirred up some unwanted controversy.

The contestants from Kiss Bang Love. Image via Channel 7.

The series begins on Channel 7 at 8:45pm and the premise goes a little like this: the primary contestant will be blindfolded and proceed to kiss 12 other blindfolded strangers. From there, they will chose five they want to kiss again and so on.

And fans aren't happy.

One Facebook user posted to Kiss Bang Love's official page writing,

Another said, "The worst show on TV, for f*cks sake, get a life you people."

Not ones to miss out on some online bashing, Twitter users also jumped in on the abuse.



Contestant, Narrabeen fireman, Josh Poate, has hit back at the hate telling News Local, “Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but we chose to go on it. We weren’t made to do it."

“I thought it would be a bit of fun. I thought what’s the worst that can happen?”

The 26-year-old said he was initially nervous about kissing on-screen.

Josh and Lisa on Kiss Bang Love. Image via Channel 7.

“It was good. She was a great kisser," Poate told News Local of kissing contestant Lisa.

“You are relying on touch, feeling and how you engage with your lips.”

If an hour of watching people kiss is something you want to spend your time doing you can catch Kiss Bang Love, tonight on Channel 7 at 8.45pm.

We'll see you there.

*Feature image via Facebook/Channel 7. 

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