A pregnant woman has been learning how to change nappies... with her cat.

For most parents, changing nappies is not a skill that comes naturally. But one smart mum-to-be is preparing in advance, by learning how to change nappies using her (very patient) pet cat as a model.

The woman’s co-worker uploaded a picture of her efforts to Imgur, and the picture has gone viral. It’s not hard to see why.

Image via imgur.

It was uploaded with the caption, "So my pregnant co-worker has been practising putting on diapers..." The photo has already received more than a million views.

Judging by the picture, it looks like the woman has got it down pat. But judging by the loathing in her cat's eyes, we're not sure how many more practices she'll be able to get in.

Commenters had plenty to say about the picture.

Image via iStock.

DipStickPaddyWhackPeePeeGoogaleeGee wrote, "I did that. My wife also put on of ours into the baby carrier you wear on your chest. Pretty fun until the claws come out", supersadomasochisticcannibalferocious said "Never before have I seen eyes that so clearly spell M-U-R-D-E-R" while Demikmj added, "If she can put a diaper on a cat she's ready for anything!"

With creativity and problem-solving skills like that, we're sure she'll find motherhood a breeze.

Did you struggle with nappy changing in the beginning? 

WATCH the clip below for some more nappy changing pointers....

Video via Emma Trollope

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