Giraffing, the latest way the fashion industry is messing with us.



Chanel has a released a new line of watches, which appears to be zoo-inspired because the campaign images have spawned a new type of Photoshop fail, Giraffing.

Take a look at how much the luxury fashion house has stretched and elongated this poor model’s neck.

Chanel’s Facebook fans were the first to pick up on the ungulate mammal-fied necks.

“The neck caught my attention first more than the watch,” said Facebook user Lia Chumsai

Another user, Myra Bonazza, said: “Her neck is as long as a giraffes!!”

And Jacques Coetzee put it to Chanel straight, “Jesus! Could you have Photoshopped that neck any longer??”

But the phenomenon isn’t limited to just watches, the Giraffing memo appears to have been circulated to the entire Chanel corporation, because then this happened.

And we thought the part of our bodies where our head connects to the rest of our bodies was safe.

Ha ha ha.

Just for fun, and to prove just how ridiculous this trend it, we thought we’d try some of our own….